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Posted by Unknown User in Arreton | Isle of Wight, East Cowes | Isle of Wight, Freshwater | Isle of Wight, Gurnard | Isle of Wight, Newport | Isle of Wight.

This video was shot at 7:30pm on the 19th May 2010



1. ging - May 19, 2010

Well that s interesting isn’t it? we at dexfm have been following this since the start and have been waiting for photos an videos showing proof some things going on! Now I can only hope those sceptics start to ask the questions we have all been asking even if you think something is going on or not, simple ones to start like …..
– why have some got trails that don’t disappear? and why other disappear shortly after?
-what’s the difference between the two trails?
-why have some got no trails at all?
-what is in these trails? (chemical wise)
-why are they only appearing over land?

Then maybe we can ask more in depth questions like

– Why on satellite maps showing trails side by side with no trails is there a drastic rise in temp? (in some places 2-5 degrees
-Who is responsible for governing this area in aviation?

Ging @ dexfm

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